Grassy Creek Restoration

Beeson Creek Restoration

Ivey Redmond Sports Complex, Kernersville, NC, 2018-19 Community Walk-through of completed work, May 18, 2019 The new path of Beeson Creek among existing trees, which provide shade for fish habitats

Mud Creek Restoration

Asheville, North Carolina / 2019 February 2019:

Turkey Creek Restoration

Pinson, Alabama / 2017 The Turkey Creek restoration project has successfully improved water quality and aquatic habitats in the Turkey Creek watershed in Alabama and provided a demonstration site for a healthy natural stream in the Birmingham metro area. The natural channel design project includes channel relocation and reconfiguration to create stable morphology and floodplain […]

Signage for Ivey Redmond Sports Complex

The Town of Kernersville, North Carolina needed unique and eye-catching signage to show off their man-made wetland at Ivey Redmond Sports Complex to entertain and inform families who visit the park about the diverse ecosystem. This dragonfly is a 12-foot steel sculpture that can be seen and enjoyed in front of the wetland. Educational information […]