Signage for Emperor Lane Stream Project

Signage for Emperor Lane Stream Project

September 2020: This sign educates local residents and visitors about the hard work and creative problem-solving that was put in to fixing the neighborhood’s erosion problems. The newly added plants provide habitats for desirable pollinators and prevent further erosion.

Signage for Ivey Redmond Sports Complex

Update September 2020: almost three years later, the sign highlights the verdant constructed wetland in full bloom behind it. January 2018: The Town of Kernersville, North Carolina needed unique and eye-catching signage to show off their man-made wetland at Ivey Redmond Sports Complex to entertain and inform families who visit the park about the diverse […]

Limekiln Creek Educational Signage

Concept art This is a concept design for a yet to be completed signage project at Limekiln Creek in Marion, North Carolina. Signage educates visitors about the stream restoration project as well as plants and animals around the creek.