Robinson Creek Restoration

SCDNR Stream Reference Data and Regional Curves

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) received an EPA wetland development grant to assist the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the collection of reference stream geomorphic and LWD data for future use to regionalize the Stream Quantification Tool for South Carolina.  The final report is now available online as well as updated […]

Mud Creek Restoration

Asheville, North Carolina / 2019 – 20

Beeson Creek Restoration

Ivey Redmond Sports Complex, Kernersville, NC, 2018-19 Community Walk-through of completed work, May 18, 2019 The new path of Beeson Creek among existing trees, which provide shade for fish habitats

Limekiln Creek Restoration

Marion, North CarolinaSummer 2019 Before, eroding streambanks, stormwater runoff, and invasive plants contributed to poor water quality and degraded habitats for fish and other wildlife. Now, stream re-shaping, riparian vegetation, and meandering riffles and pools provide diverse habitats for fish and insects.

Linville River Restoration

Newland, North Carolina, Fall 2019 In the news:

Turkey Creek Restoration

Pinson, Alabama / 2017 The Turkey Creek restoration project has successfully improved water quality and aquatic habitats in the Turkey Creek watershed in Alabama and provided a demonstration site for a healthy natural stream in the Birmingham metro area. The natural channel design project includes channel relocation and reconfiguration to create stable morphology and floodplain […]