French Broad River Bank Stabilization

Brevard, North Carolina


After: a stabilized riverbank prevents erosion and even allows for safe boat access.
Before: erosion causes turbidity and harms fauna habitats

Linville River Restoration

Newland, North Carolina

Fall 2019

In the news:

Linville River on October 7, 2019
The river is now a thriving environment for crawfish.
Before: incision, erosion, and habitat destruction.

Limekiln Creek

Marion, North Carolina
Summer 2019

Before, eroding streambanks, stormwater runoff, and invasive plants contributed to poor water quality and degraded habitats for fish and other wildlife.

Now, stream re-shaping, riparian vegetation, and meandering riffles and pools provide diverse habitats for fish and insects.

Riffles and pools create fish habitats
Stable streambanks
Before: severe incision, erosion, and pollution

Beeson Creek Restoration

Ivey Redmond Sports Complex, Kernersville, NC, 2018-19

Community Walk-through of completed work, May 18, 2019

Wendi Hartup from the Town of Kernersville Stormwater Education and Greg Jennings, lead engineer, present the completed restoration of Beeson Creek.
Erosion control for Beeson Creek

The new path of Beeson Creek among existing trees, which provide shade for fish habitats