SitePREP® is a mobile app designed to quickly and easily collect, compile and distribute photo-based, geo-located project reports from any Apple or Android mobile device. 

It was developed using real-world insights from civil and environmental engineers who were frustrated by the lack of a simple, powerful and cost-effective tool they could use to collect data and generate reports and maps right from the field. 

No more forgotten details. No more wasted time. Photos, notes and GPS data all in sync. Create and send detailed status reports, punch lists, project updates, inspection and enforcement reports – including .kmz maps with embedded geolocated photos – right from the mobile device in the field.

Jennings Environmental is an avid user and proud partner of SitePREP, using the app to photo-document environmental restoration projects. 

To learn more or purchase a SitePREP subscription, please e-mail Greg Jennings: [email protected]