Mayland Community College Educational Signage

Mayland Community College Educational Signage |2023 Jennings Environmental created an educational sign to accompany the stream restoration work they did on the campus of Mayland Community College in Western NC. The sign highlights engineering elements that were implemented in order to improve the stream, as well as information about native plants at the location. The […]

Bat Fork Creek Educational Signage

Bat Fork Creek Educational Signage | 2023 Jennings Environmental created two educational signs in partnership with Conserving Carolina for the Bat Fork Creek Restoration Project. One sign explains the engineering work that went into restoring the creek, and the other sign highlights the importance of the plants and animals that live there in maintaining a […]

Mills River Park Educational Signage

Following Jennings Environmental’s work to improve Mills River, educational signage was installed to inform visitors about the work that was done and local flora and fauna that they can see at the site. Located in Mills River Park, many community members utilize the site for boating, floating, and hiking. The first sign shows visitors a […]

Brush Creek Educational Signage

The Brush Creek Elementary and Middle Schools combined campus in Marshall, NC includes the important Brush Creek running through it, a fertile ground for educational opportunities for students and community members alike.  Engineering work was implemented on Brush Creek to improve the aquatic habitat as well as reduce erosion and improve drinking water. Three signs […]

Emperor Lane Educational Signage

A riparian buffer was added to a drainage ditch on Emperor Lane in Kernersville, NC to combat severe stormwater erosion. Colorful native plants provide stability in the soil and prevent further erosion while attracting pollinators and delighting community members. The low-profile sign teaches citizens about the restoration work that was done and allows them to […]

Ivey Redmond Sports Complex Educational Signage

Jennings Environmental enhanced their constructed wetland project at Ivey Redmond Sports Complex with a 12-foot educational sculpture to be enjoyed by park visitors. The sign provides easy-to-understand information for readers of all ages to learn about the work that was put in to the construction of the wetland and the benefits that the wetland provides […]

Limekiln Creek Educational Signage

Marion, NC | 2021 Jennings Environmental enhanced their existing successful restoration project at Limekiln Creek behind North Cove Elementary School by adding educational signage. The two aluminum signs flanking a custom locally-made kiosk provide information to the community about the restoration work that was done to the stream as well as information about plants and […]